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Our private label.

The products branded Mec-Diesel, Erar and Blinken ensure high quality at the best value for money and are a valid alternative to original products.

Products with reliability and quality equal to a premium brand for engine and engine repairing.

Brand created to research and develop high-quality products that go beyond the engine.

Brand specialized in the development of spare parts for trailer. Quality and reliability are the key-points in the enlargement of the range.

Our Business Units.

Powertrain and Spare Parts include all Mec-Diesel product divisions. From the engine to break system we want to become a reference point for our customers.


The business unit that makes Mec-Diesel’s heritage its core. This includes the engine and all related components.


Engine repairing


Engine maintenance




Routine maintenance


Diesel injection


Rotating machines

Spare Parts

The forward-looking business unit that brings together the parts beyond the engine.


Intake and exhaust system


Suspensions and trailer


Thermal systems


Lighting and bodywork


Breaking systems and compressed air

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From engine expert to Aftermarket Specialist.

Mec-Diesel S.p.A. is one of the most important European suppliers of engine spare parts in the independent aftermarket (IAM). The company was founded in Turin, Italy, in 1983 to meet the market requirements for engines and engine spare parts for light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, as well as for agricultural, earth moving, marine and industrial application.