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Powertrain: products available for MAN application.

Mec-Diesel, spare parts specialist for engine renewal and maintenance, inform you of the product range for MAN application.

Our products can be used on different application as: commercial vehicles, bus, industrial and agricultural vehicles, railway and special vehicles, with performance range from 75 to 390 kW (from 102 to 530 CV) and displacement between 4,6 and 12,8 litres.

The spare parts distributed by Mec-Diesel are suitable for your engine, in compliance with the rigorous quality standards. This is fundamental for a proper operation of your MAN engine.

You will be able to find:

Crankcase & cylinder heads * Crankshaft & camshaft * Pistons *

Cylinder sleeves and cylinder sleeve-piston kits * Engine gasket kit * Head gasket kit *

Injector nozzles & Oil sumps * Turbochargers

Rely on Mec-Diesel and discover now all the available products for MAN application.

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