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New longblock available suitable for FIAT

The new longblock suitable for FIAT 1.9 JTD 8V is back in stock, with no need to return the old core.

Moreover, if you recover the oil sump and the strainer from the old engine it can be mounted on:

FIAT       182 B9.000
FIAT       186 A6.000
FIAT       186 A8.000
FIAT       186 A9.000
FIAT       188 A7.000
FIAT       188 B2.000
FIAT       192 A1.000
FIAT       192 A8.000
FIAT       192 B5.000
FIAT       223 A7.000
FIAT       223 B1.000
FIAT       223 B2.000
FIAT       937 A2.000

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