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New Denox enrich Blinken division

Mec-Diesel announces an important Denox range expansion.

Blinken, a Mec-Diesel private label, was born to emphasize those products not linked to engine spare parts, but specialized in power and injection, electrical components, EGR and throttle bodies, ignition systems, rotating machines, thermal system and sensors.

This leaflet is focused on the emissions control. Denox is a term which refers to a selective catalytic reduction system to restrict the exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) as required by the anti-pollution directives. Unlike the application on large systems, the reducing agent used is a solution of high-purity, synthetically manufactured urea in de-mineralized water known as AdBlue.

Blinken offers a wide range of references for truck and commercial vehicles representing high-tech products with the best quality-price ratio. In the dedicated leaflet we propose the new references available in stock followed by the entire range.

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