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CEI and MEC-DIESEL partner to compete at a European level in the aftermarket sector.

CEI and Mec-Diesel, alongside their Italian subsidiaries LEMA and CRD (the “Group”), announce a partnership, which will result in the establishment of the European leader in the production and distribution of original equivalent spare parts for trucks and commercial vehicles, with a focus on engines, gearboxes, differentials, and undercarriage.

The new Group, of which White Bridge Investments II (“White Bridge”) will be the majority shareholder, will control eight companies located in four countries, with approximately Euro 220 million of turnover and over 500 employees. The Group will have the size and capabilities to compete globally, leveraging the quality, technical skills, and service excellence that have always distinguished the Group’s companies.

Elisabetta Boni will be the chairperson of the newly formed Group, and Alberto Pellegrino will hold the Group CEO role. Giordano Zauli will remain CEO of LEMA. Current shareholders of CEI and Mec-Diesel have reinvested alongside White Bridge in the transaction, confirming their support to the new expansion project.

Elisabetta Boni announced: “With great satisfaction and pride, I am pleased to announce the new acquisition, which continues the consolidation journey started in 2021 with the acquisition of LEMA. The Mec-Diesel transaction will allow us to create a leading international player in the aftermarket sector for trucks and commercial vehicles. The Group will have unique features, such as integrated manufacturing capabilities and a widespread distribution network in Italy and internationally.”

Alberto Pellegrino is enthusiastic about the new Group’s structure and stated: “We have finally signed this agreement, on which we have been working for some time. The transaction will allow us to consolidate our position in the market and to structure the company to face new challenges. The Group’s goals are to continue growing to meet our customers’ needs, have an ever faster customer-centric logistics, expand the product range, and specialize in the distribution of highly technical parts for gearbox and engine.”

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