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ERAR Shock absorbers: new product range on the market.

Mec-Diesel, spare parts specialist for trucks, commercial vehicles, bus and passenger cars, presents new important products to enhance its range through three business units: Mec-Diesel, Blinken and Erar.

The last one, created after the acquisition of Erar Srl (2019), has continued its process of development during 2020 up to become the new official private label of the group.

In order to give continuity to ERAR growth strategy, Mec-Diesel chooses to develop a new product line focused on shock absorbers. The idea behind the project is the will to offer an ever more complete range able to respond to the customer needs.

Currently, the shock absorber range counts 500 references suitable for trucks and commercial vehicles, but Mec-Diesel aims to increase the number of the items available in stock up to 700 by the end of 2021.

Thanks to its solid experience in the Aftermarket sector, Mec-Diesel wants to propose ERAR to the Italian spare parts retailers as an alternative brand to the known competitors present on the market. In the export market, ERAR shock absorbers will be distributed through the foreign subsidiaries: Mec-Diesel Bulgaria and Mec-Diesel South-East Europe.

The ERAR shock absorbers project will allow to reach the 2021 revenue targets thanks to a good quality-price ratio and incentive campaigns.

The brand communication strategy will be supported by a branded packaging to preserve the product quality and giving it a brand identity.

The customer care represents an important element for Mec-Diesel and its constant growth. Then, the purpose will be that of guaranteeing a significant buying experience capable of leading the customer towards a choice without a doubt.

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