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Special offer for EJ Adapter coils from Blinken range

Erich Jaeger Adapter coils

In the last year, Blinken product division enhanced its range showing positive results in the turnover thanks to new product lines and partnerships.
Among the main brands, Erich Jaeger, is a global player recognized worldwide.

Specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality connector systems, EJ implement successful solutions in different branches of industry, particularly the light and commercial vehicle sector.
EJ products are quality electrical connection systems that include connectors, adapters, controllers, spiral cables, cable junction components and E-Kits in order to provide a safe and secure connection between towing vehicle and trailer in both heavy and light vehicle applications.

According to the high quality standards selected by Mec-Diesel group, Blinken division promote the EJ adapter coils with a special offer.

BEZA8277 plug 15 poles/24V and 2 plastic plugs 7 poles/24V
EJ711009 plug 15 poles/24V and 2 metal plugs 7 poles/24V

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