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Mec-Diesel is now Ac Rolcar official distributor.

Window regulators, door handles and door locks; range and availability on hand.

Mec-Diesel is now Ac Rolcar official distributor, expanding its range of window regulators and complimentary products for truck and LCVs.

Ac Rolcar has two research&production plans to be internationally present on the IAM and serve 40 countries through the Turin logistic hub and headquarter.

«Plug and Play» connectors (same as the door connection) are applied to more than 1000 references to reduce assembly operations. Inside the pack you will find the instruction manual in eight languages and a QR code for the youtube tutorial.

The entire truck and LCVs Ac Rolcar range is available on our webshop (

The 600 references are split into four types: power window regulators, power window regulators featuring the comfort system, window regulator mechanism and manual window regulators.

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