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Cylinder Heads suitable for MAN applications

Since 1983 Mec-Diesel has been renowned as an engine spare parts specialist and to this day the main core business is still related to the engine and its components.

This strong focus on Mec-Diesel products division emerges in the technical expertise that our staff puts at our customer disposal and in the wide range always ready in stock

Mec-Diesel catalogue is therefore implementing its offer by presenting new cylinder heads suitable for MAN applications, now available in stock.

Among the engine components, the cylinder head is an extremely important part that closes the cylinders and joins to the crank case (interposing an high-temperature-resistant seal) with screws and bolts.

The cylinder head performs some fundamental functions: it seals the combustion chamber ensuring the correct compression ratio and avoiding exhaust gas leakage; it actions the moving components of the timing; it dissipates heat through channels and coolant liquid in water-cooled engines or through large fans in air-cooled engines.

In the cylinder head are housed several components: the valves with their seats and guides, glow plugs, injectors, intake and exhaust manifolds and pre-chambers.

In many cases there are also the brackets for one or two camshafts and the housings of rockers and tappets, which are then covered and protected with a cover in metal alloys or plastic.

Since the cylinder head has to withstand considerable thermal stress, the most commonly used materials for its construction are alloys of cast iron and aluminium, the latter allowing an improved thermal conductivity.

The available naked versions and their related items such as gasket sets, bolt kits and valves are listed in the products sheet.

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