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Discover the wide range of Castello Italia tubes

Castello Italia tubes

Castello Italia, a Mec-Diesel brand partner and part of the ERAR division, is specialised in the production of tubes for the pneumatic and industrial markets in different fields of application, from compressed air to chemical fluid transfer.

Excellent mechanical and outstanding chemical resistance are linked to the use of engineering polymers. Among them the Polyamide 10.12 (PA10.12) and the co-polymer COPA 12, which has been developed to produce tubes combining high flexibility with burst pressure resistance.

Produced for over 30 years from Oil source (Laurynlactam), Polyamide 12- PA12 is a techno-polymer used in high performance applications due to its outstanding properties.

While tubes made of PA12 HL are used for greasing and misting systems thanks to their excellent mechanical and chemical properties, the ones made of PA12 PHL are recommended for industrial and automotive applications.

Depending on specific dimensional requirements, Castello Italia tubes can be delivered in rolls or in large drums made of wood, plastic or cardboard to cover all market needs.

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